Emme’s Cranky Panky

So much has happened since we last posted something to the site. Our hope was to keep this more up to date but as you will see below there have been good reasons for the lack of sharing here. For now I’m going to embed the updates Liz puts on Facebook when we are inpatient. These were from a stay that started on May 3rd that was triggered by an acute on chronic pancreatitis attack. This means that while her pancreas is in a constant state of problem (chronic) she had a flare up on top of that (acute)

Once we can get some more time we will be creating a Facebook page that ties into this site so it’s easier for people who aren’t friends on Facebook to keep up, especially when we can’t post to the site. Without further ado here was our inpatient stay in “real” time;


Even after going home having a daughter with numerous medical needs causes a trickle down effect in other areas of the family. Our boys take it in stride for the most part but its hard on mom mainly;

Emme is now old enough to really understand what Riley Hospital means to her and to us. On the way down I told her we were going to Riley and she got excited and said “Yay” Even in the middle of all that pain she associates Riley with good. Then she said “they make me feel better” I can’t tell you how it makes us feel to know Riley holds that status with her. She could just as easily despise going to the hospital, but thanks to the team at Riley they make her stays almost fun.

She heard the Indy Eleven was playing in Indianapolis and she knew that is where Riley is. Here was her reply;

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